Visa FAQs

Why use us as a visa agent ?

Vina Visas has more than 18 years’ experience in the travel visa industry. We can assist travellers of all nationalities, travel agents, tour operators, corporate businesses to obtain travel visas. As a registered visa agent we assist travel agents nationally and clients of all nationals to ensure their meet the visa requirement compliance in order to obtain the travel visas. We take pride in all the services we provide. View our client's Testimonials.

To apply for a visa do I need to send in my passport ?

Yes, the passport form part of your visa application and is also required for the visa stamping once your visa is approved.

What is the minimum passport validity required for travelling overseas ?

We recommend your passport having a validity of at least 6 months and with a minimum of 2 blank visa pages.

Do I need to complete any visa form ?

Yes you do. Depending on the country you are applying for the visa, some are PDF printed forms, others may require you to complete it online.

Can I obtain visa on arrival for countries that require a visa ?

It depends on the country you are applying. Each country have different rules, regulations, visa requirements and processes on how visas are being issued. You need to refer to the specific visa requirements for that country for details.

Can I apply for multiple visas through Vina Visas ?

Yes. You can apply for multiple visas when placing a lodgement with us. We will provide you with the specific visa requirements for each country and any customer support you may need to obtain your visas.

What measures do you as a company take to protect the privacy of your customers and their documents ?

Our experienced staff follow strict protocols when handling customer's sensitive passport and documents. Where possible we do hand deliver and collect your documents at the diplomatic missions. We perform pre-check and post-check service to verify all documents conditions as we receive them and prior to dispatching back to the customer. For piece of mind we offer a secure door to door overnight TOLL priority courier service for document delivery. View our Privacy Policy.

Who approves and grants the visa ?

The immigration officials and their diplomatic missions determines the decision to grant and approve the visa, type of visa and the timeframe within which an application is processed.

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