Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Tourist travellers who wishes to obtain their visa upon arrival at the airport are required to first apply for a pre-approved visa letter. The approved letter will permit traveller to board the plane from their departing country so they can obtain their Vietnam visa upon arrival.

This option is only recommended for clients who are unable to apply for a Vietnam visa before departure, due to circumstances that may prevent them from sending through their passport and documents before departure.

General requirements

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1) Who can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

All foreign passport holders that are not visa exempted may apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival. To find out if your passport is visa exempted, go to Vietnam Visa Requirements and select your passport nationality.

2) Can I change my information after getting the visa on arrival approval letter?

You cannot modify any information stated on the letter. In this case you have to re-apply for a new visa approval letter with the new dates.

3) Do I need to buy an air ticket before applying for the visa on arrival?

You do not need to buy your air ticket upon applying visa.

4) Can I stay in Vietnam longer than the visa on arrival permission?

Yes, providing that you have to have your visa extended. Once you arrive in Vietnam, you can extend your visa period at any local travel agent. They may charge a fee and it is still subject to approval of the Immigration Department in Vietnam.

5) Can I get refund if my visa application be declined?

All fees are non–refundable.

6) How do I receive the visa approval letter?

A copy of the approval letter will be email to you, so please make sure that you provide to us your correct email address.

7) How far in advance should I apply for the visa on arrival?

The processing time for the visa on arrival is 3 working days, it is still strongly recommended to apply for the visa on arrival, at least 2 weeks in advance to avoid any delays.

8) Can I enter Vietnam later than my granted arrival date in the visa approval letter?

Yes, you can enter later than the arrival date in visa approval letter providing that you exit by the granted exit date.

9) What about visa on arrival for children?

For children who have their own passport, a separate visa on arrival will need to be applied and the visa processing fee is the same as the adult.

10) Can the Embassy and Consulate of Vietnam assist with my visa on arrival matters?

The visa on arrival is approved and issued by the Immigration in Vietnam. The Embassy and Consulate of Vietnam cannot assist with Vietnam visa on arrival related matters. All visa on arrival enquiries should be directed to the Immigration of Vietnam.

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