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The use of visa services provided by VINA VISAS Pty Ltd ( ABN 15 158 693 451) are governed by these Terms and Conditions. By using any of our visa services you ("customer", "client", "agent", "user", "account holder") agree to comply with these terms. These terms are subject to change from time to time without prior notice and we encourage you to check back at any time. This agreement is an exclusive agreement between you and Vina Visas regarding its subject matter and supersedes and replaces any prior agreement, written or oral. If you are using any of our services on behalf of any entity, you represent and warrant that you are authorised to accept these Terms on such entity's behalf, and that such entity agrees to indemnify you and Vina Visas for violations of these Terms.

1. Visa Services

VINA VISAS offer a wide range of visa services from obtaining travel visas (stamped visas and eVisas), pre-approved visas and authorised visa documents on your behalf. We have other visa related services to help you meet the necessary visa requirement compliance.

We will strive to provide you with the accurate visa requirements to help you obtain your travel visa. The visa requirements from the authorised bodies (processing centre) and diplomatic missions(Embassy and the Consulate) may change with or without prior notice to us. Such changes can vary and are not limited to updated application forms, passport photo, visa fee and the processing time required to process a visa application. We endeavour to keep you informed of any changes.

Our service to you begins once you have placed a lodgement on our website. The website will generate you a lodgement number and provide you with all necessary requirements needed for you to obtain your visa. The lodgement number can be used to track the progress of your visa application and can be used as a point of reference when you query your visa application with us.

We do rely on the information you supplied together with your visa application to be accurate and complete. You acknowledge that an inaccurate or incomplete visa application( e.g missing documentation ) may result in your visa application being rejected, denied or delayed for processing. At times the diplomatic mission may at their discretion request for further supporting documents to process your visa application. You acknowledge that it forms part of the requirements for you to comply.

Our visa processing commences when we receive your passport and documentation in our office. On receipt of your visa application, the documentation gets pre-checked before submitting for visa processing the next business day unless prior arrangement has been requested to process the same day. Our pre-check service helps to identify any obvious errors including any missing supporting documentations which can potentially cause delays to your visa application.

All approved visas from the authorised bodies and diplomatic mission gets post-checked. We endeavour to perform the checking as promptly and humanly practicable prior to dispatching your passport. Upon the return of your passport, you must check to confirm that all visas are issued correctly and in line with the travel dates as requested. You need to notify us immediately of any errors so the matter can be clarified and or rectified before the departure date from Australia.

On dispatch of your documents by us, will conclude the end of our visa service.

2. Visa Related Services

We offer visa related services such as Form Fill, Document Service, and pre-approved and authorised visa document. The services are there to help you meet the visa requirement compliance. The additional services have their separate terms.

3. Delivery Service

You may choose to drop-off and pick-up your documents in person, request a third party company to have your documents delivered or you may choose to return the documents in your prepaid return satchel. All delivery service performed by third party companies are subject to their terms and conditions. We do not have any control over how third party companies operate and perform their service, therefore we cannot guarantee that their service will adhere to a standard of satisfactory. VINA VISAS do not accept any liability for the delay, lost or damages of goods from your use of any third party companies.

If you prefer to use Australia Post's prepaid postage, we do not recommend that you use the C5 envelope due to its non-durability to protect passports in wet weather.

For all prepaid self addressed return postage provided by you, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that the postage has been prepaid and you have completed the self addressed satchel correctly including any sender's signatures where required as per Australia Post guidelines. If we have not been instructed in writing by you to complete in part or full on the return satchel or sign on your behalf, this means your return satchel is complete and correct and ready to be dispatched. VINA VISAS shall not be held liable if any issue to arise due to the incomplete or incorrect details written or not written on the return envelope/satchel.

4. Fees and Charges

All fees are displayed for each services on the website as you request them. The total visa lodgement fee is comprised of our processing fee, visa fee and any third party service fees (e.g TOLL, Australia Post, eNett and MasterCard surcharge).

Once we have commenced work on your visa application, our processing fees are non-refundable. The visa fees are non-refundable when your visa application is at the diplomatic mission for visa processing.

A full payment is required in order for any visa application to be accepted by the authorised visa processing centre or diplomatic mission for visa processing. You acknowledge that we require full payment before your documents can be dispatched.

The immigration officials and their diplomatic missions may change their visa fees from time to time and at any time with or without prior notice to us. We will endeavour to keep you informed of any changes that may affect the assessment of your visa application.

For all rejected visa applications that requires a re-submission, you will be waived of our re-lodgement fee, but you are subjected to the diplomatic mission's amendment terms.

In certain circumstances when an error is made ( e.g incorrect passport number, misspelt applicant's name or wrong visa duration date ) which causes the visa to be issued incorrectly, the diplomatic missions may require an application to be re-lodged along with an amendment fee or a new visa fee.

5. Cancellation and Refund

Any cancellation prior to submitting your documents to us, a cancellation fee of $15 per application will apply. For cancellation of any visa application prior to submitting for visa processing at the diplomatic mission or their processing centre, a cancellation fee is subject to the standard visa processing fee per application. Any cancellation of a visa application in progress while processing at the diplomatic missions, all fees including visa fee and our processing fee are non-refundable.

6. No Visa No Charge Service Guarantee

VINA VISAS "No Visa No Charge" service guarantee policy is only eligible for Australian passport holders applying for a Regular Passport Visa or eVisa ( Electronic Visa) for the following countries :

Vietnam, China, India, Russia, Brazil, Cuba, Cambodia, Egypt, Indonesian, Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar, Tanzania, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, United States ESTA and Canada eTA.

The nature of the visa service offered by the diplomatic missions are non-refundable in all cases regardless of the outcome of the visa application. VINA VISAS will offer applicants a full refund in the event when we are unable to obtained the applicant a visa. VINA VISAS will only refund on the total original amount paid by the applicant.

The service guarantee policy does not imply or guarantee the applicant will be granted a visa as we don't issue the visas. This policy is an assurance for a peace of mind that if VINA VISAS is unable to obtain applicant a visa we will not charge you the consular visa fee and our service fee, even when the visa fee has been paid to the diplomatic missions to request for the visas to be processed.

This policy does not imply that the applicant is exempted from complying with the full visa requirements set by the immigration and their diplomatic missions.

Any applicants who had previously been denied a visa and anyone with criminal conviction record are not eligible to apply under this policy as the applicant's circumstances will need to be assessed fairly by the immigration on case per case basis.

The applicant should not purchase a non-refundable airfare or accommodation without first having the visa approved and in their possession.

This policy does not cover any return delivery delays, lost or damage parcel performed by external Postal or Courier companies as we do not have any control over. Please refer to the Delivery Service terms under clause 3 in this terms.

VINA VISAS's general cancellation and refund policy still applies for cancelling an application in different circumstances not limited to change of mind.

This policy does not override the rest of this Visa Service Terms.

7. Disclaimers

The immigration officials and their diplomatic missions determines the decision to grant and approve the visa, type of visa and the timeframe within which an application is processed. An approved visa does not automatically grant you entry into the country, the final decision is still subjected to the immigration officer's discretion at the point of entry. VINA VISAS shall not be held liable for any claims if you have been denied entry for any reasons.

VINA VISAS will make every effort to help you obtain your travel visa on time within the time frame indicated by the diplomatic mission, we cannot guarantee that they will deliver the service on time every time.

In an unforeseen event when the diplomatic mission or their processing centre loses, misplaces or damages your passport while in their possession, VINA VISAS will make every effort and attempt to assist to locate and recover your passport.

If an amendment or error needs to be clarified and resolved, it will need to be brought to our attention immediately upon receiving your passport back from us and must be before the departure date from Australia.

If we cannot carry out an obligation either in part or whole because of an unforeseen event, then our obligations will be suspended for the duration of the event or waived to the extent applicable.

8. Limitation of Liability

Due to the nature of the service, our website content is provided to you “as is” and without any warrant of the accuracies or system errors. While we will make every effort to identify the errors and to ensure we have it rectified, we exempt any liability for your use of our website.

You should not purchase a non-refundable airfare or accommodation without first having your visa approved and in your possession. You accept all liabilities should you decide to make fixed travel arrangements prior to receiving your approved visa in your passport and we are not liable for any indirect, economic, special or consequential loss or damage including but not limited to loss of revenue, profit, production, business, anticipated savings or claims by your customer, even if we know they are possible or otherwise foreseeable.

VINA VISAS shall not be held liable for any claims for any errors made by the authorised bodies or diplomatic missions. If the errors are not brought to our attention by you so the matter can be resolved before the departure date from Australia. You further acknowledge that all visa amendments will require a reasonable time set out by the diplomatic missions to re-issue any visas.

Once your documents including the passport leaves our office in good condition, we exclude all liability to you or any other person for, and you indemnify us against any claim by any person about, any loss, damage, misdelivery, delay, deterioration, contamination, failure to deliver the goods or perform the services, and whether arising because of breach of agreement, bailment, tort including negligence, wilful act or omission or breach of statutory duty by the third party companies.

We exclude all liabilities for any claims should the visa application becomes delayed due to :

    i) pending missing supporting documents or incomplete visa applications;

    ii) the diplomatic mission pends the visa application for any reason not limited to time extension required to further assess a visa application or more documentations are required in addition to what has been provided;

    iii) advice given online and offline which later becomes incorrect because of the changes to the visa requirements, rules, regulations and processes imposed by the diplomatic mission or their visa processing centre;

For failure to obtain your visa in time due to our wilful act or omission is to refund you any visa fee in full and our visa processing fee only.

Our liability to you for any breach of the conditions for our services is limited:

    1) For services, at our discretion:

        i) To supplying the services again; or

        ii) The cost of supplying the services again;

    2) For the replacement of goods, up to a maximum amount of:

        i) $400 per applicant for the cost of replacing the goods as follows:

            a) the cost of replacing the standard Australian passport;

            b) the cost of reinstating any current visas which were contained in the passport;

            c) the cost of any photographs for use within the passport;


These conditions apply even in circumstances arising from a fundamental breach of agreement or breach of a fundamental term.

We do not exclude or limit the application of any laws, or cause any part of these conditions to be void.

We exclude from these conditions all conditions, warranties, terms and consumer guarantees implied by laws, general law or custom except any the exclusion of which would contravene any laws or cause this condition to be void.

The laws of New South Wales apply to this agreement and you must bring any proceedings against us in a court of New South Wales. If a condition or part of a condition is unenforceable, it must be severed from and does not affect the rest of the agreement. We are not bound by any waiver, discharge or release of a condition or any agreement, unless it is in writing and signed by or for us. A reference to any law includes any statutory modification, substitution or re-enactment of it.

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