Digital Photo Print

Digital Photo Print ( full colour & high resolution )

Get your digital photo professionally printed on a high quality gloss photo paper for $15.00 per person, and get 4 photos that are 100% compliant with the visa requirements guidelines set by the Consulate and Embassy.

Perfect for anyone with digital copy of a recently taken passport/ID photo or can take a professional photo with a digital camera or mobile device.


1) What file size and format should I save the photo in ?

The file size must be less than 5MB and the file format can be either in 'jpg','jpeg','png' or ‘gif'.

2) Do you have a photo guideline where I can reference when taking the photo ?

You can refer to the government's Passport photo guidelines page for the most common 'Acceptable' and 'Unacceptable' examples, and for more specifications go to Camera Operator Guidelines.

3) Where do I go to upload my photo ?

Simply go to Upload photo for print page where you will be required to enter your passport number and date of birth to begin.

4) What if the photo I upload does not meet the photo guidelines ?

Every photo uploaded must meet the guidelines before it is prepared for print. You will be asked to correct and upload a new photo.

5) What are the common things to be aware of when taking the photo ?

1. No jewellery
2. No white clothing
3. Eyes open, mouth closed
4. Plain white or light grey background
5. Hair off the face, no fringe covering the eyebrows
6. Frontal view of head and shoulders

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