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Before Entering to China:
1. You must provide negative COVID-19 test results prior to flying.
2. You will be subject to health screening, including body temperature and swab tests on arrival in China.
3. Present an Electronic Health Declaration form (QR code with HS or HDC mark) at check-in and upon arrival, the form must be obtained from the relevant Chinese Embassy or Consulate.
4. Present also complete an online entry & exit health declaration form within 24 hours before boarding. The form can be found here ( Please use Chrome, Safari or Firefox to access this page.
Quarantine Requirements
1. You will need to have a 14-days mandatory quarantine in the city where you clear Chinese immigration followed by additional COVID-19 prevention measures determined by local authorities at your entry point and final destination in China.
2. Additional quarantine prevention measures may include an additional 7 or more days of home quarantine; restriction on movement and/or health monitoring.
3. Have mandatory quarantine at a designated hotel or facility at your own expense.
4. China has introduced multiple testing requirements with tight time-frames, which can change at short notice. Contact your nearest Chinese embassy/consulate or your airline to confirm current requirements.(
Other Information
1. Entry is suspended for all foreign nationals arriving from Belgium, Canada, Italy, India, Russia, South Africa, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Bangladesh and the Philippines except for holders of diplomatic, service, courtesy or C visas.
2. Entry is suspended for all foreign nationals except holders of a diplomatic, service or courtesy visa, business travellers holding a visa issued after 27th March 2020 and holders of valid residence permits for work, family reunion or personal matters.
3. International flights to Beijing, excluding those from Hong Kong, may be diverted to provincial airports and cities for initial health screening and at least 14 days mandatory quarantine in a designated facility. Ask your airline if you will fly directly to Beijing or be diverted elsewhere in China.

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Australians require a visa to travel to China. You will need to obtain a visa prior to your departure. It is recommended to apply for your China visa within 2 months of your date of arrival into China.

For travellers who wish to travel under the 72 hours transit policy can do so providing they:

- have an onward flight to a third destination, the third destination must not be the original destination they departed from,
- transit in one major China airport, view airport list

Any traveller planning to travel to China beyond the 72 hours, there is ther 144 hour transit policy which allows travellers to transit for up to 6 days (144 hours). The cities and regions that are covered under this policy are Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.

List of ports eligibility cover under the 144 hour transit policy :

> Shanghai air, sea and land (railway) ports as listed below:
--Pudong Airport,
--Hongqiao Airport,
--Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal,
--Wusong Passenger Transport Center.

> Zhejiang:
--Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport

> Jiangsu:
--Nanjing Lukou Airport

Travellers can travel around Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. A visa is required if planning to travel outside.

> Beijing:
--Capital International Airport,
--Beijing West Railway Station

> Tianjin:
--Binhai International Airport,
--Tianjin International Cruise Home Port

> Hebei:
--Zhengding International Airport
--Qinhuangdao Port

Travellers can travel around Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. A visa is required if planning to travel outside.

> Dalian:
--Zhoushuizi International Airport

> Shenyang:
--Taoxian International Airport

Travellers can travel around Liaoning province via any of the above ports. A visa is required if planning to travel outside.

Travellers require a visa to travel to China. You will need to obtain a visa prior to your departure date.

If you need help please contact our office for assistance. No appointment required and no queue, we accept document submissions via Postal, Courier or in Person at any of our office locations.


Our visa processing services, all visa applications goes through our pre-check service to meet the strict visa requirements before submitting for visa processing. All approved visas are post-checked to ensure the visas are issued as requested.


All travellers are required to comply with the visa requirements. This will prevent your visa application from being rejected or delayed.


Please ensure your original passport has a validity of at least 6 months with a minimum of 2 blank visa pages. This will avoid any complications at the airport check-in, customs and immigration checkpoints.

Passport conditions that may affect the assessment of your visa application and potentially being denied entry into the country:

  • Expired passport or due to expire before arrival or during your trip.
  • Water damaged passport that cannot be scanned to identify the person.
  • Cut or torn passports depending on the degree of the damage may be considered void.

Visa Application Form

Please note when completing the visa application form, an incomplete or incorrect completion of the visa application form can cause delays, in certain cases you may be required to complete a new visa application form.


You need to provide a recent passport size colour photo taken within the last 6 months.

Flight Itinerary

You are required to provide a copy of your flight itinerary showing your full name, with details of your entry and exit dates.

Supporting Document

You may be required to provide additional supporting documents depending on the type of visa you apply.


Children under 18 years of age needs to comply with the same visa requirements as adults.

Unaccompanied minors

A letter of consent by the parents may be required. In some circumstance, additional supporting documents may need to be submitted with the application.


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