Before Entering to Chile
1. Australians entering Chile as tourists need a “tourist permit” to enter the country. To apply, visit “Tramites Consulares Online” ( ) and select “Visa”. When filling out the form, select the relevant tourism visa type.
2. Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by the Chilean Consulate you selected in the application.
3. During the processing of the permit, you may be required to submit additional information, including a face-to-face interview at the selected Chilean Consulate. The entire process could take 10 days or more.
4. If the permit is granted, it will be sent to the email registered during the application. It's advisable to print the permit.
5. If you are arriving in Chile for tourism, you will get a tourist card (paper) on arrival. You must keep the card and present it to immigration officials prior to departure.
6. If your tourist card is lost or stolen, request a new copy online from this link ( )
7. Chile has implemented the Protected Borders Plan (Spanish). In line with this plan, the following travellers can enter Chile:
- All Chileans and foreign national residents of Chile
- All non-resident foreigners (tourists) who have a Chilean Mobility Pass, which is the certificate of vaccination against coronavirus. In order to obtain the pass, vaccinations received abroad must have been previously validated in Chile by the Ministry of Health.
- All children under 6 years of age, regardless of their nationality or vaccination status.
- All non-resident foreigners who meet any of the exceptional requirements of Decree 295 of Chile's Interior Ministry (Spanish).
Quarantine Requirements
1. All vaccinated travellers (with vaccines validated by the Chilean Health Ministry and in possession of a Mobility Pass) should undergo PCR testing upon arrival to Chile and quarantine until a negative result is received.
2. All persons over 6 years of age who are allowed to enter the country and who do not have their vaccines validated must undergo a PCR test upon arrival to Chile and quarantine for 7 days, even if their PCR test result is negative.
3. If you need to quarantine, you must use private transportation to get to the registered address without interacting or spending time with others.
Other Information
1. You can't stay on Easter Island (Isla de Pascua / Rapa Nui) for more than 30 consecutive days.
2. Entry and exit conditions can change. Contact your near Chile Embassy for more details.
3. Entry is prohibited to non-resident foreigners who have been in the following African countries within the last 14 days:
- Botswana
- Eswatini
- Lesotho
- Mozambique
- Namibia
- South Africa
- Zimbabwe
4. Non-resident foreigners (tourists) require:
- A valid tourist permit
- Validation of the COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Ministry of Health and the Chilean Mobility Pass
- Medical insurance from US$30,000 to cover illnesses associated with COVID-19
- Negative COVID-19 (PCR) taken in the country of origin 72 hours before boarding the plane (from 2 years old onwards). Children under 2 years of age are exempt from this requirement.
- An Affidavit for travellers from abroad from the website (To be completed up to 48 hours before the scheduled/estimated arrival time in Chile – in local time).

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