Tourist visa requirements for United States passport holders


Double Entry Varied Validity

We offer a standard 11 business days processing time. When applying please note that there is no urgent processing option for this visa. Please take into account of any public holiday closures when submitting your visa application.

  Russia Visa Requirements

1. A valid original passport with a validity of at least 6 months with 2 blank visa pages
2. A completed visa application form with signature
3. One recent passport size colour photo
4. A detailed flight itinerary showing applicant's full name
5. A copy or original tourist confirmation letter
6. A copy or original tourist voucher(s)

For double entry applications, ensure that your voucher(s) states double entry and the voucher dates cover the entire duration of stay in Russia.

Tourist Voucher
To apply for a Russian visa you first need to obtain an invitation letter and a tourist voucher. The invitation letter and tourist voucher forms part of the visa requirements. It is recommended to apply for the Russia visa at least 1 month before your date of arrival into Russia.

We can assist to obtain your visa support documents whether it be a Tourist voucher or an invitation letter for Business purposes.

Apply for a Voucher or Invitation Letter

Visa Application Form

Please note when completing the visa application form, an incomplete or incorrect completion of the visa application form can cause delays, in certain cases you may be required to complete a new visa application form.


Please ensure your original passport has a validity of at least 6 months with a minimum of 2 blank visa pages. This will avoid any complications at the airport check-in, customs and immigration checkpoints.


You need to provide a recent passport size colour photo taken within the last 6 months. The photo size must be 35mm(Width) x 45mm(Height)

Flight Itinerary

You are required to provide a copy of your flight itinerary showing your full name, with details of your entry and exit dates.

When to Apply

It is recommended to apply for your Russia visa at least 3 months before your date of arrival into Russia.

Visa Validity and Duration

Russia tourist visas are valid for 1 month and are issued based on the dates given on the invitation and vouchers provided. You are allowed a maximum stay of up to 30 days stay. Double entry visas are allowed up to a total of 30 days stay. Business visas are valid for 1or 12 months.

Processing Time and Fees

STANDARD - 11 Business Days
Visa TypeVisa feeProcessing fee
Double entry varied validity$283.00Please login

Steps to apply for a Russia Visa

   1. Review & Gather Requirements
   2. Place a lodgement
   3. Send your completed signed application form and all necessary supporting documents to our office.
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